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    History Of The Baseball Cap

    For over a decade now No Bad Ideas has been curating fashion headwear on a global level.  We have been putting our own creative spin on timeless classic shapes. One shape in particular has become a staple for our brand, The Classic Baseball Cap.  For a style that has been around for nearly two hundred years, it has evolved and appeared in many forms. Let's go back in time and investigate the origins of the baseball cap.  


    Baseball's first uniform made a debut in 1849 when the New York Knickerbockers took the field in blue wool pants, a white flannel shirt and a hat made of straw, of course functioning as a sun shield from their eyes. This style looked more like a sun bonnet type hat than a baseball cap.  A few years later in 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsior's sharpened the efficiency of the sun shield by rounding it and adding a brim, making it an ancestor of what we know today. This style cap had a more "floppy" appearance and a much shorter brim.  By the early twentieth century, the "Brooklyn style" cap became a steady presence as it became very popular with the masses.  During the 1940s, latex rubber came into play and was used as a stiffening agent inside the hat giving it more structure and ultimately the modern baseball cap was born.  By the mid 50s, every player on the field was wearing a cap, differentiated by team colors and a team logo. Major League Baseball has played a major part in the development and popularity of the baseball cap.  America's Game helped forge a new fashion industry, giving way to an item that can be seen in most peoples' wardrobe/outfits today.  The hat game was born!